Steaming GOAT Food Truck

Steamed Sandwich Goodness
My name is Jeff Romstedt. 
​I love to eat, I love to cook, but most of all I love to create something different and watch the joy on someone’s face when they try something in a way they never thought of eating it before. I have been eating at food stands and lunch trucks my whole life, my father owned a hot dog truck and we would frequent food trucks whenever we had the chance.
​I moved to Nashville in 2011 and was very excited to find out how new the food truck culture was and how quickly it has been growing. These days, they are more than just your typical hot dog stands. There is every type of food being served by individuals who think they do it better than anyone else. They have pride in their menu and they have the utmost love for their food. 
I have been cooking for my family and friends and have over fifteen years in the food and beverage industry. I began working in a fine dining restaurant in New Jersey. Since that time I have worked, cooked and managed in several different atmospheres including casual dining restaurants, high volume night clubs as well as private and corporate catering events. It is time for me to put my experience, knowledge and love for good food to work. It is time for me to have fun while I share my vision with the public and get them as excited about food as I am.
​It is time for the Steaming Goat.




What do you get when you cross steamed sandwich goodness and the animal that eats everything?